Congratulations to Faculty/Staff Innovators – TRiO: Student Support Services

We’d like to recognize TRiO Programs - Student Support Services as 2015 Innovators. They are a federally-funded grant program designed to provide additional support, advocacy, and services to students who are first generation (neither parent has a bachelor degree or higher), low income, or have a disability. Basically, these folks  do everything they can to … Continue reading Congratulations to Faculty/Staff Innovators – TRiO: Student Support Services


Congratulations to Faculty/Staff Innovator – Dave Peterson

Dave Peterson, one of Centralia College’s recognized innovators, teaches Electronics, Robotics and Industrial Automation. Dave says “this includes technical math specifically for electronics, like circuit analysis, graphing and data visualization, and trigonometry applications.” If you know anything about Dave Peterson, you know he’s no stranger to innovation. He builds robots, for crying out loud. In … Continue reading Congratulations to Faculty/Staff Innovator – Dave Peterson

Panopto, FAQ

This is a great primer for Panopto that Kathy Brooks wrote. Check it out!

SPSCC Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning

To be updated/modified as we move from Tegrity toward Panopto.
Everything subject to change at this point!

Will our Tegrity recordings be copied to Panopto?

Yes. The folks at the SBCTC will make sure that all Tegrity recordings recorded before May 8th will be migrated to Panopto. Recording made from May 8th and later will have to be copied to Panopto by each individual college.

Where is Panopto based?


What’s so great about Panopto?

  • Multi-source recording and playback,  
  • Unlimited storage of recordings,
  • Canvas integration (LTI), 
  • Direct login to Panopto for use outside and independent of Canvas.
  • Active Directory authentication may be setup – colleges elect to do this. It’s planned to integrate Panopto authentication with the ctcLink portal sign in.
  • Each college will have its own Panopto site (similar to Canvas or Tegrity)

How will Panopto work with Canvas?

Panopto will be integrated to Canvas, similiar to Tegrity…

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