Got Any Fossilized Angel Courses?

Want to hide those old Angel classrooms that you aren't using right now?  Heck, they might not even accessible any more! It's easy to hide them. Log in to Angel See your list of courses?  Hover your mouse over that list. See the buttons show up in the list's titlebar? Click on the pencil button. … Continue reading Got Any Fossilized Angel Courses?


Fall 2010 Courses to be Deleted April 28th

                WAOL has identified April 28th as the date to delete all Fall 2010 classrooms.  Any of you that have eCorrespondence courses still in process from Fall, those will remain open.  Other than that, all Fall 2010 courses will be deleted.  If you would like to save a zip file of the course here is … Continue reading Fall 2010 Courses to be Deleted April 28th