Want a fun way to see your home video? Try Fliptography.

Want a fun way to see your home video?  Try Fliptography. Basic Information Founded 2008 About seven seconds of your life in a book: instant flipbooks of you and your friends at our studio or your event! we can also convert your existing videos into flipbooks! 877.4.FLIPTO (877.435.4786) or facebook@fliptography.net   Company Overview flip•tog•ra•phy: dance, … Continue reading Want a fun way to see your home video? Try Fliptography.


My Funky Document Camera

Apparently this is another one of those things that everybody knew about but me. I wanted to get a document camera for my office, but it  looks like they're $400-$800.  Thankfully one of our IT guys (thank you Ron!) told me I could make one by taping a webcam to a tripod. I happen to have … Continue reading My Funky Document Camera

Digital Camera + Photobooks = Workshops

For college employees only, Kathy and Sue from eLearning are presenting a series of two workshops on Digital Photography and Creating Photobooks. The sessions will meet on two consecutive Fridays @ noon beginning November 12th. While the sign-up for these two workshops is full, there's always the chance of a late seat! Contact kbrooks@centralia.edu to … Continue reading Digital Camera + Photobooks = Workshops