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For additional information, contact us via email at eLearning@centralia.edu or contact one of our staff listed below.

Centralia College eLearning office: (360) 736-9391 x672 (toll free from Olympia: 753-3433)

Carrie Powell

eLearning Support Manager

ext. 673, carrie.powell@centralia.edu

Erin Baker

eLearning Educational Technologist

ext. 374, erin.baker@centralia.edu

Erin Cox

eLearning Support Tech

ext. 672, erin.cox@centralia.edu

Sue Kennedy

Sue’s Posts

Dean, Library & eLearning

ext. 304, sue.kennedy@centralia.edu

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5 thoughts on “Have questions? Contact Us!

  1. I’m trying to do my first assessment (quiz/test) in Angel. I’ve exhausted my searches via Angel help for answers to these questions:

    1) How do I add answers to matching questions? I have 9 terms to match w/ 9 definitions. When I finished setting up it did not ask me for the correct answers. I put all the terms and definitions in order, so as they are listed now, term 7 matches defn. 7, etc. I just assumed this was how you did it and that Angel would automatically scramble the order.

    2) I added a url of a graphic to one question, but I don’t see the picture when I look in Preview mode. Is there a better way to do this?

    3) I tried to access the online blackboard/angel support page. It asked for my user ID, login, and institution code or ID. What’s the CC code or ID?


  2. I downloaded mozilla firefox and I can’t seem to get quicktime, real tec, or windows to get the green X I have downloaded all of these items and they aren’t coming up on Angel. They all worked fine on Internet Explorer and now I don’t know how to get that back. I have homework due and can’t get it done.Please tell me what I am doing wrong so I can do my work. I thank you


  3. I really liked Dropbox in Angel. All the assignments submitted for a given class were in one spot. What are people doing with Canvas–there is no dropbox, so as far as I can tell, assignments are strewn all over my inbox here and there.

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