Copyright in the information age?

Copyright Infringement Is a Big & Potentially Costly Deal Do you know how to handle it in the digital information age? We've all searched images on Google and used them however and wherever we wanted to - maybe even putting them in Paint to doctor them first. Most of us have looked things up on … Continue reading Copyright in the information age?


Using Apps in Canvas

One of the truly amazing things about Canvas is that it incorporates apps, which is a truly revolutionary and modern way of looking at an LMS because it makes it Here are just 8 apps (of a great many) to whet your appetite for more. Dropbox - As an instructor, if you have a … Continue reading Using Apps in Canvas

New and Improved! Open Course Library Access

Of course, you know all about the open course library (82 of the highest enrolling classes in Washington's community colleges developed with a focus on open content and strong instructional design).  But do you know where to find these materials? A Google search for open course library will take you there: A collection of … Continue reading New and Improved! Open Course Library Access

Online Workshop on OER, Nov. 1

Don't miss this comprehensive overview of how open textbooks and OER can improve teaching and learning. EVENT DETAILS 10am-1pm Pacific, November 1 Openly licensed educational content, commonly referred to as open educational resources (OER), offers educators with an unprecedented opportunity to re-examine the ways we teach and learn. OER and open textbooks have served as … Continue reading Online Workshop on OER, Nov. 1

Harvesting the Web: Finding & Using Online Open Resources in Your Courses Presented by Jean Kent

  This was my favorite workshop at the ATL conference in Spokane. Jean is a dynamic speaker and is very knowledgeable with open resources.   This fabulous open discussion and hands on workshop covered a lot of material. Luckily the presenter has supplied a link to this workshop and a link to her handout … Continue reading Harvesting the Web: Finding & Using Online Open Resources in Your Courses Presented by Jean Kent

Checked out open resources lately?

Have you checked recently the open textbooks available in your discipline? The supply and quality grows constantly. See Related Articles What *is* "Open"? ( 1 in 4 College Textbooks Will Be Digital By 2015 ( 7 Things You Should Know About Open Textbook Publishing (