Have You Heard of Screencast-o-matic Yet?

Have you heard of Screencast-o-matic yet? It is a free screen recorder for instant screen capture and sharing. You can use it right in your browser without installing anything. Or you could download the program and run anytime you want to on your mac or pc. Watch this video created by YouTube user MsMagic Submitter … Continue reading Have You Heard of Screencast-o-matic Yet?


Canvas Videos – just a tease!

As you know, it appears that Instructure's Canvas may become our new LMS, replacing Angel in the future. Here are some teaser videos about Canvas: Change is good: http://youtu.be/dCIP3x5mFmw Canvas ad: http://youtu.be/evLyPx5Wj0U Use your Canvas "assistant" - http://youtu.be/GAzEqb3hnvQ Speed Grader - http://youtu.be/0rp5rT6M-xY  (oh my!) Speed Grader for iPad - http://youtu.be/3dxXQLIXfPc (best viewed in HD and … Continue reading Canvas Videos – just a tease!