Using Announcements in Canvas – Do Students Get These?

Do You Use the "Announcement" Feature in Canvas? Beware: Your Students May Not Be Getting the Messages You Think They Are Using announcements are easy. You just click on that easy little navigation button on the left side of your class, click +Announcement and boom, you could use pictures, videos, attachments, text, etc. Then, click … Continue reading Using Announcements in Canvas – Do Students Get These?

“The More of Me I Put in My Classroom, the More My Students Engage”

I went to an amazing session at the Washington Canvas User's Group conference (WACUG) right before spring quarter and I heard the MOST AMAZING statement from a faculty. They said, "I found that the more of me I put into my classroom, the more my students engage." The context was that this was a session … Continue reading “The More of Me I Put in My Classroom, the More My Students Engage”

Canvas Draft State – FAQ

Here’s a wonderful blog from Kathy Brooks on the in’s & out’s of Draft State in Canvas. Get in the know before July 5th.

SPSCC Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning

What is Draft State?
Draft state allows an instructor to create content in a “draft” or unpublished state. Content in a draft state is not visible to students and not included in the gradebook.

When will Draft State be turned on for all Canvas courses?
July 5, 2014

What if I don’t want to use Draft State?
Sorry, it’ll be the default and only choice available beginning July 5th.

Can I turn on Draft State before July 5th?
Yes. Enter a course, Settings, Feature Options tab, find the row for draft state and click on the “On” button at the far right. That’s it!  But please, if you do turn it on, leave it turned on. Flipping back and forth from on to off gives unpredictable results. When in doubt, turn it on in a practice course first.

What can I *not* do with Draft State?
Even with draft state…

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