Explore the World’s Art Galleries – online

http://www.googleartproject.com/ [from NPR]  Internet giant Google unveiled a new website that allows virtual tours of some of the world's most famous art galleries... the tours are made possible using Google's Street View Technology... over 1,000 artworks from these 17 museums, over 400 rooms that have been captured on Street View and over 385 artists... Video cameras mounted … Continue reading Explore the World’s Art Galleries – online


Get Ready for Winter Weather

As we approach winter 2011 with warnings of storms a'comin', it's time to get ready, technology-wise.  There's the chance you may be hunkered down at home and still need to get school work done.  Here are some things to do, to get ready: Is your home computer ready for winter? Have you updated your software … Continue reading Get Ready for Winter Weather

Top Word and Phrase of 2010

I really like lists... and here are the top words and phrases from 2010.   (How can this be when there's still a month left in the year?)  For the complete list: The Global Language Monitor. Words Spillcam Vuvuzela The Narrative Refudiate Phrases Anger and Rate Climate Change The Great Recession Teachable Moment

Words Need Your Help!

I heard about the Save The Words website on NPR.  Here you'll find words that have gone out of usage and need saving! You can even adopt a word of your very own.  Be sure to have sound working on your computer so you can hear the words' pleas!