Are You Having Issues With Your Browser Not Showing Content?

Have You Been Getting Annoying Error Messages on Your Canvas Page and Don't Understand Why?   Here is a great presentation created by Chris Long from Huntington Beach Union Union High School District called "Going Beyond the Shield," which explains what's happening and how to address it:


Collusion? I *had* to try it

I've been reading a lot lately about websites that track where we've clicked and where we go. The tracking comes in the form of ad servers, market research companies etc. Collusion creates a real-time diagram showing how websites are linked via ad services like Double Click. This allows ad services to build a profile of … Continue reading Collusion? I *had* to try it

Gentle Reminder – Angel only likes I.E. or Firefox

Just a reminder... Angel works well with Internet Explorer version 7 or 8; or Firefox.  Please do NOT use Chrome or Safari or the web-browser-of-the-week.  And do NOT (yet) upgrade to I.E. version 9. How do you know what you're using? One easy way is to connect to Angel ( and just sit there.  Do … Continue reading Gentle Reminder – Angel only likes I.E. or Firefox