PowerPoint Too Big To Email?

Do you like using a lot of pictures in your Powerpoint presentations?  Then find out you can’t email it because the file is mega big?

Never fear!  There is a way to make your file smaller by compressing the pictures in your PowerPoint presentation.  Using PowerPoint 2010, I was able to compress a 50 MB PowerPoint file into 3 MB using the method below:

1. Save a copy of your file with the word compressed added to it, e.g. mypresentation-compressed.pptx (this is for damage control—in case things go wrong, you’ll still have a copy of your original to fall back on!).

2. Open up the compressed copy of your file and click on a picture.  Any picture is fine—you just need to get the Picture Tools menu to show up.

3. Click on the Format menu.

ppt menu

4. Click on the Compress Pictures icon (the one the red arrow is pointing to in the screenshot above).

5. In the Compress Pictures options:

  • Uncheck Apply only to this picture
  • Check Delete cropped areas of pictures
  • Select Email (96 ppi): minimize document size for sharing
  • Click OK

ppt compress pictures menu

6. Save your file.

7. Done!  The file size should have shrunk to a more manageable size.

PowerPoint Tip:

The best way to add pictures into your presentation is to use the Insert menu and Picture option (see screenshot below) instead of copying and pasting the picture into your presentation.  You’ll finish your presentation with a smaller file, which can be compressed to an even smaller file.

insert picture menu

I did a comparison, in which I used the same pictures to make two identical presentations.  I used the copy and paste method in one presentation and the Insert Picture method in the other.  Copy and paste file had 50 MB and compressed to 3 MB.  Insert Picture file had 7 MB and compressed to 620 KB.  Seeing the difference in file size, which method would you use?


24 thoughts on “PowerPoint Too Big To Email?

  1. sorry, but i still have a massive file
    i am trying to shrink my 388mb electronic c.v. for emailing
    i did the method above and it only cut 10mb down, know anyway to cut another 350mb?

  2. My problem is with audio component, how do I reduce the powerpoint size for the audio. I don’t have any picture in the PP.

  3. Thank you so much! I know it’s been said already, but your easy tutorial saved me! This is my very last class in my degree and in four years I have not had an instructor be so cruel when questions are asked. I quit asking after being raked over the first one, and now I had a presentation the way she wanted it, jam-packed with photos, only to find it’s too big to email, upload or anything. *sigh* Thank you for taking the time to post these instructions. It is so appreciated.

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