Textbook Search Engine

Are you looking for the best deal on your required textbook? Here is one source that can help. Many of the sellers have free shipping. TEXTBOOKSPY.COM “Textbookspy.com, a textbook comparison shopping tool, has partnered with CollegeBookrenter.com, Bookrenter.com, Chegg.com, and eCampus.com to help save students on the price of textbooks. Textbookspy.com compares prices of millions of … Continue reading Textbook Search Engine


Centralia College Student Email Policy

Centralia College has a mandated policy that follows: 1.096 E-MAIL REQUIRED USE POLICY Campus Contact: Vice President, Student Services Policy: Centralia College mandates email communication live@edu as the only official email communication system used between students and the college. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ As a student, after you have registered you are set up with an email account … Continue reading Centralia College Student Email Policy