Box and Crocodoc in Canvas Replaced by DocViewer!

A lot of major changes coming out of Canvas this weekend. Most notably, Box and Crocodoc, Canvas’s go-to tools for previewing uploaded documents on the page and allowing inline annotations in Speedgrader, have both been replaced by DocViewer. DocViewer is directly from the Canvas people themselves, so it's easy-to-use,  has added features, and better fits … Continue reading Box and Crocodoc in Canvas Replaced by DocViewer!


Important Dates for Winter 2011

Winter 2011 December 30 - Angel classrooms open for students January 3 - first day for face-to-face, eCorrespondence, Hybrid and Web-Enhanced classes January 6 - first day for Fully Online classes January 17 - Martin Luther King Holiday (campus closed) February 11 - Advising Day (all classes will meet) February 21 - President's Day Holiday (campus … Continue reading Important Dates for Winter 2011