Tegrity and I.E. 9?

This is just my own personal experience, and as they say "your mileage may vary"... but I've had some problems when I try to watch a Tegrity recording with Internet Explorer version 9. This is the error message I get: Not only does the error not make sense to me (selectNodes?), but it's not helpful. … Continue reading Tegrity and I.E. 9?


Got I.E. 9?

Some of us here at Centralia College suddenly have Internet Explorer version 9 on our computers (and on mine at home too)! Surprise! While this may be good/bad, currently the Angel course management system does not "play well" with I.E. 9. It's hoped that by fall 2011 this will be resolved, but for now, here's how … Continue reading Got I.E. 9?

Gentle Reminder – Angel only likes I.E. or Firefox

Just a reminder... Angel works well with Internet Explorer version 7 or 8; or Firefox.  Please do NOT use Chrome or Safari or the web-browser-of-the-week.  And do NOT (yet) upgrade to I.E. version 9. How do you know what you're using? One easy way is to connect to Angel (angel.centralia.edu) and just sit there.  Do … Continue reading Gentle Reminder – Angel only likes I.E. or Firefox