Textbook Search Engine

Are you looking for the best deal on your required textbook? Here is one source that can help. Many of the sellers have free shipping. TEXTBOOKSPY.COM “Textbookspy.com, a textbook comparison shopping tool, has partnered with CollegeBookrenter.com, Bookrenter.com, Chegg.com, and eCampus.com to help save students on the price of textbooks. Textbookspy.com compares prices of millions of … Continue reading Textbook Search Engine


TEACH Act and your online classroom

(from the American Library Association; http://www.ala.org/advocacy/copyright/teachact/teachactbest. I've modified the text slightly to reflect our use of Angel/Canvas. --KB) What is the TEACH Act? On November 2, 2002, the "Technology, Education and Copyright Harmonization Act" (TEACH Act), part of the Justice Reauthorization legislation (H.R. 2215), was signed into law by President Bush. This Act revised Section … Continue reading TEACH Act and your online classroom

New LMS Coming To Centralia College….What are the next steps?

There have been three top vendors chosen and one of the following will be replacing ANGEL.  They are: Blackboard, Desire2Learn, Instructure (Canvas). Within a week or so, each of the vendors will be required to provide sandboxes for our use in testing their product.  Testing will be conducted by faculty, eLearning Admins and some students.  … Continue reading New LMS Coming To Centralia College….What are the next steps?

New LMS Coming – Angel’s Successor?

The LMS RFP committee has selected the three vendors that will move forward in our selection process for an enterprise learning management system. The top vendors are Blackboard, Desire2Learn and Instructure (Canvas). The vendors were selected based on scoring of an extensive list of functional requirements and on vendor pricing. My personal thanks to the … Continue reading New LMS Coming – Angel’s Successor?

Winter 2012 ANGEL Classrooms to be Created

READ THIS. On Sunday,November 27, Centralia College ANGEL classrooms for winter 2012 will be created. These classrooms will be created in a disabled state.  But on Monday they will be enabled and should automatically show in your list of courses. Once your course has been created, you can begin adding content.  Students will not be able … Continue reading Winter 2012 ANGEL Classrooms to be Created