Year Round Learning – April: Information Literacy

Photo by Alexis Brown on Unsplash Since April 7-13 is National Library Week, this month's Year Round Learning theme is information literacy. Why does information literacy matter? We build our worldview using information we believe to be true. While many factors influence what and how we seek new information, asking critical questions about the quality … Continue reading Year Round Learning – April: Information Literacy


Congratulations to Campus Innovator – Laura Martinez!

Congratulations to Laura Martinez for being a Centralia College faculty innovator! Laura is one of our Spanish instructors; She teaches face-to-face, online, ELA, and a Community Ed Spanish Conversation class. She has done a lot of work creatively setting up her online class to offer the same level of engagement you would get in a … Continue reading Congratulations to Campus Innovator – Laura Martinez!

List of Optional Course and User Features – You Can Enable these!

Optional Course Features: Background: Canvas allows course settings to be set to ON or ALLOW. ON means it's on in every course, for everyone. ALLOW means you can choose to use it if you want to. Most optional course feature options will eventually be released into the main production environment, which means that at some … Continue reading List of Optional Course and User Features – You Can Enable these!

Box and Crocodoc in Canvas Replaced by DocViewer!

A lot of major changes coming out of Canvas this weekend. Most notably, Box and Crocodoc, Canvas’s go-to tools for previewing uploaded documents on the page and allowing inline annotations in Speedgrader, have both been replaced by DocViewer. DocViewer is directly from the Canvas people themselves, so it's easy-to-use,  has added features, and better fits … Continue reading Box and Crocodoc in Canvas Replaced by DocViewer!

New Canvas Integrations – Google Apps and Office 365

Do you like storing and managing files in the cloud? Good news! Using Canvas with Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive just got a whole lot easier, thanks to integrations we've just implemented. These integrations bring added functionality and awesome new features to Canvas for files you store in Google Drive and OneDrive. Read about what's … Continue reading New Canvas Integrations – Google Apps and Office 365

Congratulations to Faculty/Staff Innovator – Sam Small

Sam Small is one of our recently recognized innovators. He is the Applications Developer for Centralia College and in his own words, he “[serves] up data analysis, software engineering, and anything else related to the software/data side of Computer Science.” In addition to his mad computer coding, Sam  teaches in the Computer Science workforce program, … Continue reading Congratulations to Faculty/Staff Innovator – Sam Small

WACUG Recordings, 2014

These are recordings from the Washington Canvas Users Group conference from March. There are some ridiculously awesome presentations in here from faculty, eLearning staff, state board and subject matter experts. Bookmark these and check them out when you can! I know I’m going to.

SPSCC Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning

The recordings from the 2014 presentations at the WACUG conference held recently have been posted.  These are Tegrity recordings (two were by SPSCC employees!):

Using images to Create Interactivity
Speed canvasing
Automating Content Import
Using SpeedGrader, Canvas Rubrics and an iPad to Grade Authentic Assessment
Modules Schmodules
Jazzing up Canvas Pages using HTML & CSS
Using Audio & video to enliven your
Creating Community Online
Using Canvas Groups for Planning and Research
How to survive the Zombie Apocalyspe and Enhance
Digital Badging within Canvas
Modules and Pages course navigation in canvas
Surprise & Delight Your Students
Open Educational Resources meet Open
Top 5 Support Requests and How to Avoid Them
Confessions of the Absentee Instructor
Using Magazine Aggregators to Flip the Curriculum
Faciltated Learning Inside and Outside the Classroom
Interactive session on…

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Great OER Resource

There is so much out there, having some expert guidance on where to look is much appreciated! Yay, librarians!

SPSCC Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning

[sent via Boyoung Chae from the SBCTC]

Just wanted to share a great OER resource. Margaret Mickibben, a librarian at North Seattle College has recently created an excellent search guide for quality OER.

It doesn’t simply list a bunch of OER sites – it describes and rates them  for size, ease of searching and quality controls.  It also sorts OERs by subject areas and  format of materials offered:  textbooks, simulations, lectures, images, articles, or complete courses. It stands out from the usual run of OER lists in that it aims to be selective and judgmental, in the spirit of Consumer Reports.

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Canvas Conversations – Upcoming Topics

Please join your colleagues for a weekly "Canvas Conversation" facilitated by Linda Foss and Carrie Powell. Fridays, 12-1 in eLearning Office  A chance for faculty to gather in a small group around a common interest and further their understanding and application of our LMS. Winter quarter topics: 1/17:  Conferencing 1/31:  Managing Student Access 2/7:     Show & Tell, a Good … Continue reading Canvas Conversations – Upcoming Topics