Want to Help Students Start the Term Off Well? Tell Them About Week Zero

The blessed occasion is almost upon us here at Centralia College. Start of the term - Yay! There are some important things you can do as an educator or student services member to help students start the term off well. Having a friendly face, giving clear directions or expectations are a couple of ideas, but … Continue reading Want to Help Students Start the Term Off Well? Tell Them About Week Zero


Textbook Search Engine

Are you looking for the best deal on your required textbook? Here is one source that can help. Many of the sellers have free shipping. TEXTBOOKSPY.COM “Textbookspy.com, a textbook comparison shopping tool, has partnered with CollegeBookrenter.com, Bookrenter.com, Chegg.com, and eCampus.com to help save students on the price of textbooks. Textbookspy.com compares prices of millions of … Continue reading Textbook Search Engine


[ from ProfHacker - The Chronicle of Higher Ed. And just think, how might checklists help our students? ] Why Checklists Work By Natalie Houston In The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right, surgeon Atul Gawande argues that one of the most basic organizational tools — the simple checklist — can improve the effectiveness of … Continue reading Checklists!

When Angel Doesn’t Work Right…

Angel… when things don’t work right  (July 2011) How’s your Internet connection? If you have slow or unreliable internet access, things may “time out” and you’ll have problems.  For example, some satellite or DSL internet services do not play well with Angel. Are you connecting to the correct website? http://angel.centralia.edu Are you using the correct … Continue reading When Angel Doesn’t Work Right…