ANGEL 8.0 Upgrade

Centralia College ANGEL will be upgraded to ANGEL 8.0 on September 10th @ 2:00 am PST.  The upgrade is scheduled to take 8-10 hours, but may take less.  During this time, ANGEL will be offline which means you will not be able to use ANGEL on September 10th from about 2 AM until about Noon on that day. Click the following link to see an outline of the upgrades that will be performed on that day:  ANGEL 8.0 Upgrade.

Some quick highlights are:



Certification   for the desktop versions of Google Chrome
and Apple’s Safari browserBatch export
Blackboard   Mobile™ Learn for ANGELAssessment   Navigation

Discussion   Forum rubrics


Content   exchange

Gradebook   copy

Zip   file import

If you have any questions, feel free to ask eLearning!  We will be reminding you again over the summer and then at the beginning of September.

New LMS Coming To Centralia College….What are the next steps?

There have been three top vendors chosen and one of the following will be replacing ANGEL.  They are: Blackboard, Desire2Learn, Instructure (Canvas).

Within a week or so, each of the vendors will be required to provide sandboxes for our use in testing their product.  Testing will be conducted by faculty, eLearning Admins and some students.  This will last about 4 weeks to allow enough time for the State Board to review all of the rubrics submitted.  Once the sandboxes are set up and accounts are created, we can begin testing.

By the end of March the State Board will be announcing the vendor of choice and begin negotiating a contract with them.

On July 1, 2012, the contract will be in place for the new vendor.  This does not mean that we will be moving to a new Learning Management system at that time.  We will probably be looking at Summer 2013 as our migration time, but have not set anything in stone at this time.

Stay tuned for more information regarding the new LMS.

Winter 2012 ANGEL Classrooms to be Created


On Sunday,November 27, Centralia College ANGEL classrooms for winter 2012 will be created. These classrooms will be created in a disabled state.  But on Monday they will be enabled and should automatically show in your list of courses.

Once your course has been created, you can begin adding content.  Students will not be able to see winter classrooms until December 27th; and on that date students will be added to your rosters and they will then be able to see your content.

Please remind your students that Kathy Brooks is teaching a no-cost, no-credit Introduction to Online Learning class (SDEV 111) that meets one time on the Centralia College Campus and then the remainder online.  This class will run from 1/3-1/13. More information on this free class is on our eLearning blog: (just search for SDEV)

In case you need an example, here’s a sample ANGEL announcement you might edit and use when students begin looking at your content on December 27th:

——————————— sample announcement ——————————————

Welcome to ____; I can’t wait for classes to begin on January 2nd.

The first thing you should do in this Angel classroom is to click on the Lessons tab and find your syllabus. Your course syllabus contains important information about what you’ll learn in class, a schedule, and how you will be assessed.

The second thing you should do is also under the Lessons tab. Open the Student Success folder and explore the contents – you’ll find how to use our official student email, how to configure ANGEL, and even videos for our college’s fitness center.

Third, consider signing up RIGHT NOW for SDEV 111 – our no-cost, no-credit course for Online Learners.

Questions before class begins? Use Angel email (look in the Student Success folder for help) and contact me!

— Your Name Here


Winter 2012 Dates-Updated

snowflakeFully-Online,  eCorrespondence,
Hybrid and  Web-enhanced Classes

Classrooms are Created: November 27

Classrooms Open: December 27

Class Begins: January 3

Last Class day including finals: March 22

Classrooms close: March 22

Grades due: March 26

For Shared Courses (there are only a few)

Classrooms Open: December 29

Class Begins: January 5

Last Class day including finals: March 14

Classrooms close: March 14

Grades due: March 19

Intent to Teach Forms for Shared Courses-Winter 12

Only for faculty that have SHARED courses.

Winter 2012 ITT’s are open.

We need to have these requests in and approved by your ELC before we can start accepting enrollments. Winter waol enrollment opens on Wednesday, October 19th.

Students cannot register for the WAOL courses until we have the ITT in and approved by their college. If you are new to submitting ITT’s you can find a quick guide for instructor procedures here:

Faculty need to
login to their Angel homepage and use the MyWAOL link for submitting Intent to Teach Forms. If you have not yet added the MyWAOL nugget to your ANGEL homepage please check out the WAOL blog for instructions:

Also, please be sure to look at the start/stop dates listed below. These are the dates that must be followed if you are teaching a waol shared course or a college-owned shared course.

Winter 2012                          B123

Enrollment Opens: Oct 19

Classrooms Open:  Dec 29

Enrollment Ends:   Jan 5

Instruction Begins:  Jan 5

Count Day: Jan 19

Instruction Ends: March 14

Grades Due to WAOL: March 19

Student Access Ended: March 21