It’s Not About the Technology…

...but what you DO with the technology. Are you using/integrating technology into your curriculum or using it just because it's there? Can you connect all three of these together: content, pedagogy and technology? Authentic technology integration occurs when all three work together: Is your classroom technology planned and purposeful - or an afterthought? a day … Continue reading It’s Not About the Technology…


Tegrity Conference 2013

Because Sue Gallaway is on top of her eLearning communications, Centralia College was lucky enough to get a FREE trip to the 2013 Tegrity conference in Boston! We looked through our most prolific Tegrity users and Ann Alves stepped up for the trip. She had a fantastic time (be sure to ask her!) and here … Continue reading Tegrity Conference 2013

Repeat After Me: 1, 2, 3, 4!

As we move toward summer and our more complete migration to Canvas, we want to make sure everyone understands how a course shell is created in Canvas (or Angel for that matter).Teachers and Deans decide on an appropriate mode for a course. Current modes includeFace-to-FaceFully Online (1)eCorrespondence (2)Hybrid (3)Web-Enhanced (4)Notice those 1-2-3-4 after the courses … Continue reading Repeat After Me: 1, 2, 3, 4!

Adding Course Outcomes to Your Canvas Course? STOP!

Yes - course outcomes can be added to Canvas rubrics. Yes - Canvas provides fabulous outcomes reporting - outcomes for your entire course can be tracked by student, by assignment. and yes... while Canvas does provides the ability for teachers to add course outcomes to a course, they should not... If you want outcomes reporting … Continue reading Adding Course Outcomes to Your Canvas Course? STOP!

Looking for Canvas Training RIGHT NOW?

Yup. It's there. Instructure offers a variety of free, publicly-available training courses. Anyone can take any of them. They're all here.  Courses include: Canvas Instructor Orientation Canvas Student Orientation Getting Started with Canvas Canvas Admin Overview Canvas Support Overview Now before y'all go crazy, just a heads-up for Centralia College - currently, as I type … Continue reading Looking for Canvas Training RIGHT NOW?