Teaching Techniques Roundup for January, 2019

Our first month of Year Round Learning was a total success. It was great to see so many engaged faculty and staff at our live sessions and it looks like many of you are finding your way to the blog too. Thanks for your interest and enthusiasm. We will continue to refine ways to cultivate our learning community.

In January we talked about teaching techniques and across our conversations we highlighted four specific techniques that can really improve student success. Here are some recommended readings, videos, and podcasts to continue learning more about each of these techniques.


The Power of Gamification in Education by Scott Hebert from TEDxUAlberta
Gamifying Education: How to Make Your Class Truly Engaging from Extra Credits

Active Learning

Active Learning: 3 Easy Ways for Higher Education Lectures

Team Teaching

Student-Driven Inquiry

Inverview with Sara Kelley-Mudie, Director of Student Inquiry and Research at White Mountain School.
The Power of Ummmm… by Kath Murdoch, from TEDxVancouver

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