Congratulations to Campus Innovator – Katy Rohr!


Congratulations to Katy Rohr for being a Centralia College staff innovator! Katy is one of our IT Technicians, providing support for many of the information systems integral to our functioning as a college (myCC college intranet, the Cisco VoIP phones, 25Live, and more), to our faculty and staff via her help with employee onboarding, and supporting our students with their email accounts. She’s worked on a variety of projects since she began working with us 2 short years ago, some of which you can read about below!

IT Onboarding and other Forms

One of the big things Katy’s developed since she started working here are forms you can submit in myCC, our college’s intranet. She describes how it started with a big one — the new employee onboarding form — and has since expanded to several other processes the IT department handles:

“I’m not sure what would be considered “innovative”, but one of the first projects I worked on when I started at CC was improving the IT Employee Onboarding process. I replaced the hard-copy form and process with a MyCC/SharePoint workflow that decreased wait time, and improved efficiency and record-keeping. Since then the onboarding site has increased to several more forms.”

Some of these forms include the New Student Worker form and one you may have used recently in our transition over to the new phone system: the Long Distance Calling Access Request form. Turning these hard-copy forms and manual processes into digital forms and automatic processes is no small shift.

For the IT department, automating forms saves time and frees up resources for other important work the department wants to tackle (and there’s a lot to tackle in an ever-more-technological workplace), and automating the steps in the process as much as possible reduces error that comes with human management of any process, regardless of the task or the department doing it.

For everyone else that has to request standard services from IT, myCC forms offer a new level of convenience: you can submit your request whenever and wherever you need to, check on the progress anytime, and even make a critical revision if necessary, speeding up the process and giving you more transparency than you typically get with a paper process. And that says nothing about faster processing!

MyCC Training

Improving your own department’s processes are fantastic, but empowering other departments to do the same is even better. Katy says,

“I also provide MyCC training to staff who are also looking to improve their own processes through the use of MyCC.”

And I can personally attest to this. Katy has sat down with me and walked me through how to set up myCC forms for some of our common processes at eLearning, something currently in the works. She is patient, informative, and helpful, and truly interested in seeing other offices and departments take advantage of everything myCC has to offer. Some of the things she might be able to train you on range from setting up your homepage with sidebar links, tables, and some cool functionality with webapps or webparts (browse the IT pages or eLearning pages to get an idea), to more in-depth things like setting up forms and workflows to complement or replace your current processes.

IT Projects

Aside from her amazing work with myCC, Katy also works on a variety of other projects with the IT team that include the VoIP phone system, various collaboration tools, and implementation of 25Live, our space scheduling/reserving tool. While the ‘Great Phone Transition of 2017’ may not have been exciting or stress-free for everyone, it was a much-needed and long-overdue change, and we are now months into fully transitioning to our fancy new phone system that is magnitudes more powerful and functional than the old one. Katy played an important part in making this transition as smooth as possible and supporting us as we learn the ins and outs of the new system.

Katy says that,

“My hope is that any work I do will be in an effort to increase efficiency and ease of use for students and staff.”

At the time of writing, she has definitely made some great strides in making things easier to use and empowering others through her work with technology on campus. We look forward to seeing what great work she’ll do in the future! Thanks, Katy!


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