Congratulations to Faculty/Staff Innovator – Joan Rogerson


We are excited to award the newest Faculty and Staff Innovator Award at CC to none other than Joan Rogerson. As Program Coordinator for the Student Job Center, Joan’s work supporting the center and helping place students into jobs both on and off campus has enormous impact on the success and future of the students they assist. To improve the work of the SJC and to support students even more effectively, Joan has recently made some major upgrades to their processes for student orientations and appointment scheduling.

Translating their student job orientation into an online training was innovation #1. Orientations required for students seeking employment through the SJC had previously been done in-person, where they would walk students through the process, familiarize them with forms, and walk them through what they need to know to be successful as a student worker. Joan revamped this by creating a thorough PowerPoint presentation of the orientation process that students can access online, a shift that will be efficient and convenient for staff members and students alike. In Joan’s words:

“The on-line session made it much easier for students to access this training on any day, at any time. It also freed the staff time that was originally dedicated to each orientation session and allowed the rooms that were normally reserved to be available to others.”

Joan also shifted the center’s scheduling to an online tool. While scheduling had also been done manually and in-person, Joan collaborated with Sam Small and the IT interns who built a referral tool to interface with students and facilitate the scheduling of the SJC’s appointments. Again, Joan sees the benefits this change has both for students and staff members:

“This allows the students to make appointments for job referrals during our busier employment times, which are in support of the summer and fall employment periods. The student simply enters the system using their SID number and they are given the dates and times from which to select an appointment. They can then print out their appointment day and time or cancel an appointment, if necessary. This on-line option replaces a prior scheduling system that required each student to visit the SJC to register for a job referral appointment. It now allows the student to make their appointment on any day, at any time without having to visit the SJC, and it gives the SJC the ability to access and print out a daily schedule of the appointments that have been made.”

The Student Job Center staff and the students they work with should be appreciating and reaping the benefits of using these new tools for quarters to come. Thanks so much for stepping up to the plate and making things happen, Joan! We’re happy to have the occasion to give you this award.

Written by Erin Cox


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