Congratulations to Faculty/Staff Innovator – Melissa Williams

Melissa Williams Image - Edited

Melissa Williams is another of Centralia College’s recently recognized innovators. She is a Communications Assistant Professor who teaches English, Public Speaking, Intro to mass Media and Intercultural Communication courses. Melissa is quite adept at thinking outside the box, searching for solutions and for how to make things easier for her students.

In her own words:

 One of the innovative things I have brought to English 102 is LiveBinders. LiveBinders is a website that provides organized, cloud based storage in the form of an online binder. The virtual binder gives students a place to easily organize and store their research materials and accompanying notes, summaries, and drafts. As a teacher, I can easily check on their progress from any computer while their peers can simultaneously offer helpful feedback and commentary.

With a LiveBinder, students are no longer required to spend money and time printing their resources out, and they can receive feedback in real time rather than waste time handing the physical binder back and forth between student and teacher.

Melissa can also be seen helping out in the eLearning office to problem solve technology issues with students, faculty and staff. Melissa is another huge asset to the wonderful team at Centralia College.


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