Congratulations to Faculty/Staff Innovator – Kelli Bloomstrom

Kelli Bloomstrom Image - Edited

Kelli Bloomstrom is another recently recognized innovator at Centralia College. She is the Dean of Transitional Education & Centralia College East and known for her exceptional work ethic, as well as how much she sells herself and her abilities short. Something she never lacks in is supporting her faculty, staff and the students in her programs.

Since 2009, Kelli has been Associate Dean of CC East, providing instruction in the classroom, leadership and advocacy for the campus that serves the east county. Her leadership skills and work ethic provided her the opportunity to serve as the Dean of Transitional Education on main campus, as well, starting in January of 2015.

Since that time Kelli has not only maintained her unbelievable support of faculty, staff and students of east county, but has expanded to being an integral part of the college mission by writing federal grants, establishing programs and pathways for students getting their GEDs or High School diplomas.

In her own words:

I am supporting faculty. Project I-DEA (Integrated Digital English Acceleration) is an educational project with support from the Gates Foundation that includes innovative instruction for ESL learners in the three lowest levels using best practices of I-BEST, an information literacy approach, and the “flipped classroom” model to support student learning. This project is grant funded and supports learning outside of the classroom by providing students with computers and 24-7 internet.

In Basic Skills, Kelli has written several grants that are funding  “creation of new courses that create intentional pathways from basic skills to the various certificate/degree programs offered at Centralia College.”

These innovations have greatly affected the workload of the faculty; creating new courses and curriculum is always time consuming, but well worth it especially when it positively affects learning. We look forward to continuing the work with our Workforce Education, Child and Family Studies, and Academic Transfer campus partners developing pathways that are clear, intentional and supportive to help students transition successfully to other campus programs.

We’re super excited about the work the Kelli and her team are doing and continue to cheer them on. Thanks for the awesomeness, Kelli!


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