What the What? Word has an MLA Template?

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Seriously, did you know that Word has a template for MLA and APA format? I’m not talking about it setting up your bibliography or Works Cited page for you. I mean an honest-to-goodness (I dare say) fool-proof template. I totally have to give the credit to this find to Associate Professor, Gene Shriver. I knew Word could help you set up your citations and works cited page, but this made my brain explode.

If you’re a student, this is phenomenal because now you don’t have to try and remember all those stupid rules that seem like they don’t make any sense and you won’t get docked points when you feel like the teacher should have been looking at your writing, not the dumb formatting.

If you’re a teacher, this is phenomenal because now students don’t have an excuse for not understanding the formatting rules and you don’t have to continue banging your head up against the wall because you handed them a worksheet, went over lessons, gave them TONS of references and extra help, and yet you still end up repeating yourself over and over and over.

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Everybody wins!

Here’s how:

In Microsoft 2013, you get this awesome prompt when you open a new Word document.

Word 2013 - New Document prompt and search window

Word 2013 – New Document Prompt and Search Window

See that cool search bar at the top? Type MLA or APA and hit enter. Then the magic happens.

MLA Template in Word

MLA Template in Word

Now, you have the wonderfulness. The template even has examples for charts, tables and Works Cited. Bloody brilliant! Goodbye headaches of formatting issues. Hello headaches of content-related issues, my old friend.

MLA Research Paper Template in Word

MLA Research Paper Template in Word

This also works with Word 2010, just a little differently. First off, when you open Word, it automatically opens a document and doesn’t ask you if you’d like to open something else. So, you have to actually go tell it you want something different. You do this by clicking on File>New. Then, it offers you choices.

Word 2010 - New Document

Word 2010 – New Document

And, it still offers you that search bar. Type in MLA (or APA, etc.) and you’ll get your template.

Warning sign

Circle-style-warning by Carelesshx, Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA

The 2010 template is different than the 2013 template. The 2013 template is much more accurate and detailed.


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