The Many Ways to Use Canvas

Did you know…Canvas is not just for  teaching and being a student in a class? Canvas has so many options for students, staff, faculty and administrators, the possibilities are vast. Here’s a list of some of the ways you could be using Canvas if you’re a part of Centralia College.


Clubs can have a Canvas page as there central landing page to keep members all on the same page. You can use it to contact members, keep club forms, and edit documents and pages collaboratively. You can use it as a public website to direct potential members or the public to advertise your club, its meetings or its services. Some clubs that are already doing this on campus are CC Veterans Club, Centralia College Rotaract and Forensic Accounting Club.


An organization can use Canvas just like a club would. You can have a central place to communicate with all your members, keep documents, use it as a landing page to give the public information about your organization, embed Google forms (like a “sign up to hear more about us” form, informational surveys, etc.). You can use it just like a website. Some organizations already exploring this are the Writing Center, BFET, Trio and International Sudents.


Do you need everyone in your department to be on the same page? Have access to the same updated forms or information? Do you need a place to send new employees in your department for training on department specific skills? How about a central location for resources like documents, websites, research, reports, etc.? Do you struggle to get all of your staff or faculty together for departmental meetings because of scheduling, adjunct faculty contracts/stipends, etc.? Renton Technical College’s nursing department uses it as a command center to refer all staff, instructors and students to have the most up-to-date information on their department and services.


Do you have the money and time to send everyone in your department to all the training they want or need? Why not put it online? You can have example videos, readings, research, quizzes, etc. in a Canvas class to fill your training needs. Human Resources is already doing this. The State Board uses it for trainings like Canvas and How to Use Open Educational Resources.


Want to give the same message and provide the same materials to all your advisees in one place? Want to have a central place to provide them resources, class availability, opportunities, etc.? Dave Peterson, Penny Martindale and Lisa Carlson are all already doing this.

And from there, the sky is the limit. Where do you want to go today? How can your life be made easier or more organized? Maybe Canvas can do it for you. Contact your friendly eLearning staff posthaste if I’ve piqued your interest. 
(360)736 – 9391 ext. 672


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