Make Audio or Video Announcements in Canvas

Julie Priday, you bloody brilliant woman! So, we received a call this morning from Julie Priday and she said she didn’t think students were getting her announcements. So, she said, “You know how you make a video or audio recording announcement…” Wait, hold the phone, WHAT?

Yep. Bloody brilliant.

If you go to your announcements in the left navigation within your canvas class, you click on “Make an an Announcement.”

Toolbar video circled

Then click on the media button on your toolbar. It looks like a film strip.

Record-Upload Media

When this window pops up, give it permission to use your webcam and start recording.

When you’re done recording, click save and then save your announcement with whatever name you want to give it.

Then, take it to the next level by right clicking on the announcement video and “copy[ing] the link.” Then go add it into your module by Add Content>Add External URL.

Thank you Julie for your incredible innovations and brilliance over the years.


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