Can I Copy My Quiz In Canvas? Yes!

Licorne by Pierre J., Flickr CC BY-NC-SA

Licorne by Pierre J., Flickr CC BY-NC-SA

Prepare to have your mind blown. Have you ever been in one of your Canvas courses and wanted to make a copy of a quiz (or discussion forum or ???)?

You totally can.

In your Canvas class that has the item (s) you want to copy, go to “settings” in the left hand navigation. Then, on the right side, click on “Import Content Into This Course.”

Import Content button

Now, from the drop down content type, select “Copy a Canvas Course.”

Copy a Canvas Course screen shot

Now, pick the class you are currently in from the list of classes (or just type it in).

Be sure to select “Specific Content” unless you want to copy the whole class.

 Specific content

Then choose which content you want to copy.

Select Content button

Select Content screen

If you see triangle-shaped arrows pointing to the right, click on them to give you a list of more content.

Click on the content you want to copy.

Then click on “Copy Content” and Bob’s your uncle.


3 thoughts on “Can I Copy My Quiz In Canvas? Yes!

  1. This sounded wonderful. However, I don’t get the list of specific content when I select ‘Select specific content’….. Did they remove this possibility?

    • Hi Berthe,

      When you click ‘Select specific content’, what do you see? There should be a list of course content “Pages, modules, quizzes”, etc. with little black triangles next to them. If you click on the black arrows, that should give you your specific content.

      • I get no list after clicking ‘select specific content’.
        Finally, in desperation I clicked ‘import’, even though nothing to import was selected.
        Under ‘Current Jobs’, a ‘Course copy’ line shows up, with a grey box with ‘waiting to select’ and a red button with ‘select content’. There, I get what you describe and can select a quiz/survey.
        I cannot find out what version of Canvas my institution is using – we only got it this month…..
        Thanks for answering.

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