Jeff McQuarrie Raises the Bar With Video Exemplars of Students

Jeff McQuarrie is a communications instructor here at Centralia College and he had a wonderful idea I thought should be shared with all of you.

Hi all,

Here’s something I wanted to share, because it has really helped me raise the bar in all my F2F classes. When I sense that students are about to do something great, I try to take my video camera to class. But sometimes it’s too bulky or time consuming, so I fall back to Plan B and use my iPad (thanks BASM and eLearning!)

Posting video exemplars in my Canvas courses has really upped our game, and using the iPad is quick and simple. In my experience, our students are really competitive, and when they see exemplars in our Canvas courses, they either rise to that level, or try to do something better so they can become the new exemplar. With this MO the outcomes seem to get better each quarter.

Last week the 5-person teams in speech class were charged with coming up with a good attention grabber. I forgot my camera one day, so filmed the attention grabber you see below with the iPad loaned to me by eLearning/BASM. While the quality isn’t nearly as good as my video camera, it’s not bad, and at least I don’t miss out altogether.



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