eLearning Modalities Explained

We use a lot of different terms to describe eLearning courses here at Centralia College.

Being able to distinguish between these terms is important for a variety of reasons.

  • Helping students.  Courses are designated in the class schedule by eLearning modality.  Having a course accurately designated gives students and advisors the ability to decide whether a course is appropriate for one’s schedule and learning preferences.
  • Helping faculty.  Using a common and accurate language for our eLearning modes helps support staff provide assistance that is best suited to your needs.
  • Helping administrators.  A lot of things are based on statistics, and we can’t do analysis when courses aren’t coded correctly.

So let’s take a look at  Centralia College eLearning course modalities:


100% of the course seat-time is online.   There is no face-to-face component.

Special note:  This does not preclude requiring proctored testing at a testing center.


Any portion of the course seat-time is conducted online.  For example, a 5-credit course may meet 2 hours face-to-face a week with the remaining credit hours dedicated to online lectures, discussions, etc.

Special note:  Centralia College does not prescribe a minimum level of seat-time to be displaced in order for a class to qualify as a hybrid.  If your class meets on campus for less time than the credit hours would require, the course is a hybrid.

Web Enhanced

100% of the course seat-time is face-to-face, however there are online expectations of students.  These online activities can be as little as a Canvas course shell through which the syllabus is distributed to online quizzes and discussion.

Special note:  A course does NOT have to have a Canvas shell to be considered web enhanced.  If you require your students to access online resources, such as publisher content or online databases, the course is web enhanced.


This is the digital version of correspondence.  100% of seat-time is online, but it is self-paced.

Special note:  Few of these courses remain.


This is a course mode whereby a student can elect to do the course either as online or web-enhanced.

Special note:  This has been a largely experimental mode up to this point with very limited offerings.  Ask us in eLearning if you would like to know more.



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