Congratulations to Faculty/Staff Innovator of the Month* – Rosemary R. Reigle, Ed.D. English Instructor

Dr. Rose

Dr. Rose

Rosemary Reigle, or Dr. Rose, as her students know her, is a current adjunct professor of composition, humanities and literature for Centralia College, Tacoma Community College, Walla Walla Community College, Rasmussen College, and periodically Lower Columbia College.

She has also taught at Keiser University, Central Texas College, Renton Technical College, ITT Tech, Brandman University, Colorado Technical University and Florida State College. She was also the Online Associate Faculty and then Resident Online English Faculty for Mohave Community College.

We’re celebrating Dr. Rose’s  innovativeness in continuing her own education with tools specifically geared to engage her students. Clearly,  she has the experience and breadth of work in the content area to present quality classes to her students, but she didn’t stop there. She moved forward, continually asking herself,  “Am I engaging my students well? What more could I do?

Dr. Rose focuses on the socialization of online learners. She says that, “in order to effectively establish a collaborative online learning environment, an instructor must incorporate digital technology into their instruction to create and promote an interactive learning environment.   The online learning environment provides instructors [an opportunity] to reach out to as many of Howard Gardner’s ’Theory of Multiple Intelligences’ as is practical for their course.  Simply stated, Gardner’s theory says:  no two students learn the same way because everyone is wired differently. Using digital technology and open learning resources allows instructors to create personalized learning environments, complimenting Gardner’s theory while creating limitless possibilities for a rewarding and enriching learning experience.”

A small sampling of the various digital tools [that Dr. Rose uses] to make online learning fun and creative, while supporting the course learning outcomes are:

  1. Word Press (a blogging tool that enhances Discussion Questions)
  2. GoAnimate (a video maker for Lectures and Announcements)
  3. Twitter (Social Media Information Network to keep Students up to date on what is happening in class.)
  4. Voki (a character used to represent the instructor in the classroom which enlivens what could be a dull environment.)
  5. A Web page where students post current events and articles from which they can choose their essay topics.

“Students of the 21st century live in connected societies, where more and more people of all ages use digital technologies in their daily lives,” she points out,” It is important that the online learning environment in higher education reflect this reality.  The online environment has changed how education is resourced and delivered, and . . . hopefully experienced.  It is important that instructors stay on top of the new digital technologies and open educational resources available to reach out to as many different intelligences as possible, thus providing as many students as possible with a quality learning experience.”

Dr. Rose says the results are, “Students enjoy and appreciate instructor interaction and [even] if they do not directly say so, student success and retention proves it out.  While it does make my workload heavier, because it takes time to put together the materials, in the end both the students and I enjoy an exciting and productive learning experience.”

We celebrate your innovations and dedication to the student experience, Dr. Rose!

*eLearning will celebrate the innovation of a Centralia College staff or faculty member each month. Innovations can be in pedagogy, student engagement, use of technology, or other topics. If you have a staff or faculty you’d like to nominate for Innovator of the Month, please contact Erin Baker (


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