Confessions of eLearning Student Life

In case you lose touch with the realities of being an online student (as we all do from time to time), the following is my own personal experience I just had with turning in a very high stakes paper with a nearly missed deadline for my Masters in education program. This is an edited email I sent to my mentor.

I just almost completely had a total melt down. Things took me a little longer to complete than I thought, so I took today off of work and have been working ALL day to make sure the task was done well and in the right format and checking with the rubric, etc. Just as I was going to Task Stream to upload my two documents – part A & part B – I couldn’t find my part B, which I had just clicked save and closed. I searched everywhere and couldn’t find it. My laptop is Windows 8, so it isn’t as straight forward to search anyway, but the document wasn’t even showing up in recent documents. For an hour, I searched, I cried, I begged God for help and guidance and then finally decided to start over again at 9pm. I downloaded the template again and still looked to see if I could use it to search. It had a 1 at the end like it was the second copy, so I knew the original document had to be somewhere. Computers don’t just eat documents these days. There’s too many backups in place. On the file tab, there was an info tab, which had breadcrumbs to where the file was saved. I was able to open that folder (some innocuous temporary folder, immune to my earlier searches) and there…at last… was my original document.
So, it’s all turned in now and hopefully I won’t get it back, but even if I do that’ll be OK too. But seriously, my heart still isn’t pumping normal yet.

What I left out of the email is that I was at home with my 4 year old son all day as well and had to care for him and our dog and cat and do other non student focused things. It’s very sobering to be in a position of panicked student because the best laid plans fell apart.


One thought on “Confessions of eLearning Student Life

  1. Thanks for sharing this story, Erin! It is so easy to forget who is on the other end of all of our interactions, as we are focused on our own perspectives. And these kinds of things happen, even to technology adept people! So glad you found your document, and thanks for the reminder that we are all human.

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