Want to Embed Flipboard into Your Canvas Discussion Forum, Page, Assignment or Quiz?

Nerd Alert!

Q: Why would you ever want to embed something like Flipboard into your Canvas classroom?

A: Because it’s AWESOME!

First, Flipboard is a news aggregator where you can follow and read articles from everywhere, all over the world. You can follow social networks, publications and blogs. You can read articles from Vogue, CNN, Newsweek, Martha Stewart, Food magazines, Lifestyle magazines, etc. etc. etc. Surely this must cost a service fee, right? Wrong. This app is free.

Next, you can create your own magazines where you can collect articles that you like or categorize them according to “science,” “Around the World,” “Things My Mother Never Told Me,” or whatever category you can dream up. You can share magazines and even add contributors.

Then, you can put these magazines into your Canvas classes. If you’re a writing teacher, you can put articles directly into a discussion forum and have students ‘flip’ through the article right there in Canvas and then post their response to the article (or questions you want them to respond to about the article). You didn’t put a link to a webpage that takes your students out of Canvas. You put the magazine article right there in front of their faces. If you’re a chemistry (or insert ANY other subject here) teacher, you could provide the latest news articles in your field and have students do research on the topic and then submit the assignment. You could also invite the students to share the articles or contribute to a class magazine. You could provide multiple articles for students to respond to. The possibilities are endless.

Have I whet your appetite? Read on.


How to embed a webpage (like a Flipboard magazine) into a page or discussion forum in Canvas:


  1. Get the url to the page you want to embed. For example: http://flip.it/f1v5f
  2. Edit your page or discussion forum (or anything in Canvas that has an html editor option – like quizzes and quiz questions).
  3. Find and click “HTML Editor” on your page, discussion forum, etc. above the normal toolbar you use to edit your page et al.

Canvas HTML Editor

  1. Now for the fun code part of your day J Follow this format to embed your url:
  2. Now click save.
  3. One more step. Because of the change in secure website vs. non secure websites (Read the blog post about it here), you also have to disable your “sheild” in your browser in order for the content to show. Students will also need to know this or they will not understand why they see nothing. You can put a link to our blog post in your directions and even put a video explaining it or go over it in class if you meet face to face.

For Chrome:                                                           For Firefox:
Chrome ShieldFirefox Shield

Now you (and students) can view and interact with the webpage on your Canvas page. For Flipboard users, this means students can ‘flip’ pages, share articles and follow magazines. Happy flipping!

Screen Shot of Flipboard


One thought on “Want to Embed Flipboard into Your Canvas Discussion Forum, Page, Assignment or Quiz?

  1. That’s a really neat idea. I suppose it would work for Moodle courses as well? Haven’t tried Canvas, though it looks interesting.

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