Information Overload Just in Time for Spring Quarter

Head Exploding cartoon

Does this look familiar to you, especially at the beginning of the quarter?

I just went to an AMAZING conference for Washington Canvas users at Tacoma Community College and this is how I feel. There were SOOO many great sessions that my head seriously wanted to explode by the time we were done with the conference. Topics included how to incorporate twitter into your classroom (did you know you could embed a live twitter feed into your class?), using videos and images to make your class more engaging, using html and Css to ‘jazz up’ your Canvas class, different tools available to use in synchronous or asynchronous assignments, using Canvas as a way to communicate with everyone within a department (creating a department page), using Flipboard to aggregate articles and embed them into your Canvas pages, challenges to consider when designing a course (Community of Inquiry – Teaching Presence, Social Presence, Cognitive Presence), flipped and open math classes, Speed Canvasing and the amazingness that is Open Educational Resources (seriously, FREE courses that have already been designed by educators around the world and you can just plug them into your classes, adapt them or whatever you need – no copyright issues), just to name a few.

I will be blogging about all these topics and more, but I will be doing them in a way that will (hopefully) be easily digestible.

Keep a look out for future posts and let me know if there are some features, issues or topics that you would like to see in particular.


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