Online Course Syllabus Suggestions with Some Great Resources for Students

Here are some great resources and suggestions for for anyone teaching online from our Faculty Liaison, Linda Foss:

The Quality Matters Rubric Workbook for Higher Education includes the following suggestions for online courses, which can be addressed in the syllabus:

  •   Students are introduced to the purpose and structure of course
  •   Course & institutional policies are clear & linked to website statements when applicable
  •   Minimum technical requirements and skills are clearly stated
  •   “Netiquette” expectations are made clear for course communications
  •   Learner support services and resources are clearly articulated with contact information


Best practices suggest that it may also be useful to include:

  •   The definition & purpose of a syllabus
  •   The definition of an online (or hybrid) course
  •   At least two ways to contact the instructor
  •   The typical turn-around time for response
  •   Whether instructor is available on non-class days
  •   Contact information for technology assistance
  •   Contact information for grievances


Here’s a current list of Centralia College support services that you may want to include:

Academic and Technical Support

Even though this course does not meet on the college’s campus, there are many support services available to students via phone and internet:


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