Check Your Gradebook

I’ve been getting some calls from faculty that want to make sure their grade book in Canvas is doing what they expect it to. This blog from SPSCC’s Kathy Brooks covers many issues that come up with grade book set-up, as well as some great tips for how to manage those issues.

SPSCC Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning

As we near the end of each quarter eLearning begins to get calls about gradebook problems.  Here are common gradebook problems and solutions:

Duplicate assignments
The biggest problem here is determining which of the duplicate assignments is the wrong one. Usually one column will have grades (the good assignment) and one will not (the bad assignment). But since both assignments have the same name (Homework #5) – which one should be deleted?  Here’s what I do:

Click on Assignments. Find the two assignments with the same name (Homework #5). Rename one of them – it doesn’t matter which one. I usually just add an “X” to the front of the name:  X-Homework #5.

Now return to the gradebook. Look at the column names and figure out which assignment of the two is the “bad” one. It might be the one with the “X” in the name…

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