1,001 Ways to Listen, Learn, and Share

I happened across this graphic via Mashable that displays the social media universe of 2013.

Holy cats!

Here’s a part of it up close:


The goal of the graphic is to depict the expanding and changing landscape of social media tools as a way to orient marketers and their brand to where the users.

However, from an eLearning perspective I am familiar with maybe only 1/4 or less of what is here and available.  Side note:  If you’re not following Sue Frantz and you’re into figuring out how cool things can be in the classroom and beyond, check her out:  http://suefrantz.com/.

Random reactions I have to this “conversation prism” graphic:

  1. Consider swapping the term “brand” at the center of the graphic with the term YOU.  And think about what your personal brand is and how you engage in the online world, and how you can leverage these tools to showcase your passions and talents, and more importantly ENGAGE with others on whatever path you are on.   This thought comes to mind after reading a Business Week article last week about how we are at the point where the resume is not very useful anymore.  You are, via these social media tools we use, creating evidence of your engagement, learning, team-playerness, and all of that.  Of course, being a “journey is just as important as the destination” kind of person, I feel like engagement with others is itself the reward.  But it’s important to think about how you engage in social media (beyond Facebook) and what that says about your work and personality.
  2. Glancing through the tools here, and how they are organized, and looking at their previous versions (I think going waaaaay back to 2009) I can help but think about how quickly things change.  Some things stick, some things don’t.  And whether put on your glee pants and dive in or decide to disengage.  But if you disengage…what happens?  I think the world is changing.  And the way we interact with others in that world is changing.  I say we put on our glee pants and learn to live happily and safely in this 21st century.
  3. So here in eLearning one of our summer themes is EXPLORATION.  We put a list together off the tops of our heads of what that meant in terms of technologies we want to play with.  We are so not in the ballpark, which surprises and scares me!  Fittingly, another theme we have in eLearning this summer is, simply, GAH!



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