Canvas Chat: It’s back!

If you’re a person who notices little changes all the time (confession: I am not one of these people), then you might’ve noticed a new link in your Course Navigation in Canvas.

Chat is back! You’ll notice that it appeared in your Course Navigation in each course, probably right down at the bottom. If you don’t want students to have access to this feature, you can hide the link by clicking Settings -> Navigation -> Drag and drop the Chat link to the bottom of the screen.

Chat in Canvas works similarly to any other chat tool. It allows instant interaction between folks in a course. For instructors, this means you can hold virtual office hours, or study sessions. For students, it means that they can reach out to other folks in the course for explanation or feedback in real-time.

To access the chat tool, click on the Chat link in the Course Navigation. This automatically adds you to the chatroom for that course.

These chats are not private — they can be seen by anyone who enters the chatroom. You must be enrolled in a course to access a chat for that course, which means that random folks can’t swing by the conversation.

Perhaps you want to conduct office hours in the comfort of your home… wearing a snuggly hoodie?

Questions? Concerns? Wondering how in the world you’re going to use this in your course? Get in touch with someone in eLearning, and we’ll help you out.

eLearning at Centralia College
Kirk Library
360.736.9391 x672


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