It’s Not About the Technology…

…but what you DO with the technology. Are you using/integrating technology into your curriculum or using it just because it’s there? Can you connect all three of these together: content, pedagogy and technology? Authentic technology integration occurs when all three work together:

Technology Integration

Is your classroom technology

  • planned and purposeful – or an afterthought?
  • a day to day routine part of your classroom environment – or a rarity?
  • supporting your course goals and outcomes – or just to present content?
  • used mostly by students – or just by you, the instructor?
  • used to create and develop new thinking processes – or is it just “using the computer”?
  • used to help student learning – or do you spend most of your time trying to learn the technology itself?
  • for collaboration both in and out of the classroom – or just for individuals working alone?
  • helpful for activities that would be difficult or impossible – or for things that would be easier without technology?
  • essential for the learning activity – or just something to do?
  • for building knowledge – or just to deliver information?

Big thanks to Sue G. for sending me this article.


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