Making SpeedGrader Even Speedier: Sorting Within SpeedGrader

Sometimes I’m a little late to the party when it comes to some of the quick and easy ways to get things done in Canvas. I think if I taught classes using the platform, I’d be more up-to-date on easy ways to make teaching your courses easier.

I should let everyone know in advance that I am a huge SpeedGrader fangirl. I was a Teacher’s Aid (TA) in high school and I spent many hours grading short answers concerning mitosis, photosynthesis, and everything science-y. Everything was done on paper and that alone made me cringe (sidenote: today is Earth Day — save the trees! Buy a tree from TRiO today!). When I look at SpeedGrader, I have to stop myself from daydreaming a bit, thinking of what a blessing it would have been on those dreary days of grading.

But I digress! This blog post is supposed to be about the Settings that are available through SpeedGrader.

You can find the Settings button in the upper right corner of the SpeedGrader page: Screenshot of SpeedGrader Settings link

After clicking on the Settings link, you’ll see a little window pop-up that allows you to sort the student list in three different ways.

Screenshot of SpeedGrader settings options

You can also sort by student name (alphabetically), and by the date of submissions

This is great because you can sort the submissions by status; if you’re one of those folks who like to grade as the submissions make their way in, this is a great tool for you!

Instead of having to click through a series of students who have not submitted their assignment yet, you can change the setting to sort student list by submission status and get all of the submitted assignments in a group.


This student list is sorted by folks who have submitted/haven’t submitted

This tool is ten times more helpful if you have more than 5 students in your course. But look at that! Look at how organized that list is! Now you know that my good friend Bobby Fischer and my rabbit, Fran, haven’t submitted an assignment. You can also see that I’ve graded the submissions from Hermione Granger, Mal Reynolds, and River Tam.

Sorting your student list in this way is also a great way to take a peek and see if anyone is cutting it close to the deadline for a submission; you can use this list to reach out to students who might be struggling with a specific assignment (you can also check out the student analytics to get this information, as well as just looking through your Gradebook).

Maybe y’all have been using this sorting tool the whole time, but this was new to me and I looooove it!

If you have a time-saver trick that works in Canvas, let me know! We’d love to write about it in our blog.

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