Did Someone Say Drag and Stay? Rearranging your Gradebook Assignments

You spoke and Canvas listened! Folks wanted to be able to rearrange the order of assignments in the Gradebook in Canvas and have that rearrangement stay put even after you close the window. Guess what? It works!

Screenshot of the link to the New Calendar in Canvas

Go into your Gradebook and make sure you’re using the New Gradebook (if you aren’t, there’ll be a link in the upper right corner that says, “Try out the new gradebook”). This allows you to click and drag the assignment titles across the top of the page. These changes will be saved by Canvas and still remain the same throughout the length of the course or until you rearrange them again.

There are some limitations, though. You must use the same browser in order to see these changes. So, if you are using Firefox when you make the changes, and then switch to Chrome at a later date, it’ll look like it did originally. Another limitation is that you still can’t drag and rearrange the average grade groups or final grade that are at the far right of the Gradebook. I’m hoping that this feature will get added soon, since some folks have been asking about it.

Photo of kids playing

Canvas is listening to your requests!


One thought on “Did Someone Say Drag and Stay? Rearranging your Gradebook Assignments

  1. OK, I’ve searched Canvas guides, the web, and the Canvas Community to no avail. Linda showed me how to drag an item, say “outcomes” from the Canvas Navigation pane (sidebar at left side of Canvas page). I simply can’t remember how it’s done. (In case you are wondering why I want to hide outcomes, it’s because I have the class outcomes linked into my Syllabus, as required her at CC anyway!)

    Pat (not a “super-user” of Canvas)

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