What’s Goin’ on in Canvas?

Want to updatestay up to date with Canvas? Want to see what’s coming soon? You’ll want to subscribe to Product Updates.
No, really! It’s kind of cool! Both students and faculty can subscribe.

First, to go help.instructure.com

In the upper right corner, click on login and log in with your Canvas credentials (probably your school ID number and your Canvas password)

Click on the large Canvas Guides button

On the menu bar in the Canvas Guides, near the top, click on Release Notes

Now near the top right is a link for Subscribe. Click it.
Below, you can see I no longer have the Subscribe option, because I’m already a subscriber.

subscribe link


Product information will now be delivered to your email. You can look through the Product Release Notes right now and see previous updates.
It’s a fantastic service and will definitely keep you in the update loop.

You’ll also get to know about “beta updates” – which are updates applied to our Beta Canvas site before they’re active in our Production site. If you’d like to read more about our various Canvas sites: Our Three Flavors of Canvas.


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