I Just Wish Canvas Would…

We all have our own wish list for Canvas… and each of us can make those wishes known to the folks at Instructure and the Canvas Community.  If there’s something you feel would be a good change to Canvas, one that would benefit many, and that you can explain well, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Search the Canvas Community and look around. Specifically, see if anyone has already asked a question that may address what you’re looking for – chances are, you’re not alone!
  2. MeTooLook through the Feature Request Categories and see if someone has already made a request like the one you’re about to propose. You can add your own comments to a previous request, or vote  to add your support for a request.
  3. Make your request a good one. There are guidelines to help you explain and demonstrate the need for what you want. The better your write-up, the more others will be able to understand and support your request.

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