A Little Panic at WACUG

Photo of panic buttonYa gotta love technology – at least most of the time.

I was presenting at WACUG – the first Washington Canvas User’s Group conference, held this past week at Tacoma College. BTW, FABULOUS conference!

Anyway… I created the FIVE files I needed for my presentation, had them on my laptop AND on my USB drive; had everything nicely stored in my laptop case.  Then half-way into my drive to the conference Friday morning, I realize I’d left my laptop home…

Luckily, I’d also backed up my files to DROPBOX. I get to the Tacoma campus… but all the computer labs are locked… and honestly I’m not sure if I remember my Dropbox login information. Starting to panic a bit here… But, my presentation is in the afternoon, so I’ve got a bit of time to panic even more.

We’re all meeting for a continental breakfast… so I’m sitting at the table, fidgeting, tapping fingernails on the table… trying to figure out *how* I’ll get my files…panic level rising,  then it occurs to me – I’ve got the Dropbox app all set up on my iPhone – no need to remember my login name or password! I open the app and there are FOUR of my files.  I open them in Dropbox on my iPhone and ask Dropbox to email each of them to my gmail account.

Once in gmail, the  link to my dropbox file opens flawlessly and I can download my files.

Only one catch now… I’m missing my FIFTH file… so to heck with technology! I call my daughter who walks over to my house, grabs the USB drive from my laptop case and she mails me the one last file I need. I get all set up half an hour before my presentation, and all is well; panic level subsiding.

So what did I learn from this? Besides the obvious of “double-check that you have your presentation materials with you before you leave home”? Always make a backup copy of files in the cloud. Be sure you test your access to that backup, and have a terrific daughter living nearby!


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