Our Three Flavors of Canvas

ice cream conesDid you know we have THREE Canvas installations! Yup. And as a teacher can use any or all three of them.

First, we have https://centralia.instructure.com.  This is our main Canvas site; known as a “production site“. This is where your normal quarterly Canvas classes live. This is where your practice and master classrooms live. This is where your students are. This is where  communications between you and your students happen. If you change something in your current live class here, students will see it. If you post an announcement here, students will get it.

Next, we have https://centralia.beta.instructure.com. This is a copy of our main Canvas production site, but it has any new up-n-comin’ changes/modifications to Canvas already in place. If there’s an update to be released at the beginning of the month, before that date those updates will already be in place in the “beta site“. Feel free to go here and see the new changes and experiment with them. Changes you make to your courses here will not be seen by your students. Communications here do not go to students. Things done here will not affect your courses in our production site.  Remember: What happens in our beta site stays in our beta site.

Last, we have https://centralia.test.instructure.com. This is also a copy of our main Canvas production site that’s refreshed every Sunday. This means each Sunday it’s a copy of our production site! This is a terrific place to try an experiment. What happens if you delete an assignment – will student grades still be in the gradebook? Don’t try that in our production site(!), but instead test it in our “test site“! Each Sunday the content of this site is replaced with a copy of what’s current in the production site. No communications from the test site go out to students. Things you experiment with here will not affect your course in our production site. Remember: What happens in our test site stays in our test site.

And how do you log in to these three Canvas sites?  All three are the same. Use your EID and current Canvas password!


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