Events: Not just strictly ballroom, is it?

We’ve had some folks who’ve wanted to have staggered due dates on a single assignment with one grade attached to the whole shebang.If you’re saying, “Huh?” and doing a quizzical head tilt (um, like these cute Pugs), stay with me.

Example: an instructor assigns students to post in a discussion forum, and then respond to at least 2 other posts in the forum. Problem is, if the whole class waits until the deadline to post their initial post, then no one has time to respond, right? So, it gets assigned Monday and you want everyone’s initial post done by Wednesday. The responses are due by Friday. This assignment gets one grade, but has three pieces (initial post, response 1, response 2). And sometimes students forget things. Sometimes a gentle reminder is all you need. So, how can you get students to do all three parts on time with one grade being shared by all three parts?

Now, this had us stumped for a bit, but then Kathy had a moment of genius. “Events,” she said, doing a little dance in her office. “Events are the answer!”

Tina Gerova and Plamen Danailov Ballroom Dance

Tina Gerova and Plamen Danailov Ballroom Dance (Photo credit: cassrny)

Okay, now, there wasn’t really much dancing. Or yelling. But it was genius. Here’s the scoop.

How? Well, for the three different parts, just set them as events, not assignments. They’ll show up in the Calendar and Syllabus. You can then enter the grades manually into the Gradebook. This is just a helpful way to help your students stay on track, because sometimes they need it, eh?

If you haven’t experimented with Events in Canvas yet, I recommend you take a look at the Canvas Guide concerning Events; they explain things better than I ever could.

Thanks for reading (and pretending that my subject line makes sense… has anyone else watched Strictly Ballroom?) and, as always, contact eLearning if you have any questions.

eLearning @ Centralia College
Kirk Library
360.736.9391 ext 374


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