Calendars: Now more colorful and organized

We’ve been toying with ways of setting reminders for students to do certain things within a course. What a perfect time for me to pull on my mudboots and go adventuring in the Canvas Calendar. I’d been avoiding it, because I’ve already got a paper planner I carry in my purse, the calendar on my phone that is synced to my Google calendar, and my work calendar through Outlook. Oy!

During my adventure, I realized just how great of a tool the Calendar can be. The Canvas calendar is a great way to keep track of your courses. You can also add in school events (volunteer work, presentations). It allows you to filter by course. It’s like magic!

Okay, maybe saying the Calendar is like magic was a bit too much. I mean… no offense to Canvas, but it’s no Harry Potter. Am I right?

Believe me, if I was taking courses or teaching courses, I’d be all over this thing. It’s color coded by course. You have a “personal” calendar where you can add reminders to work on essays ahead of time (a novel idea!). Or put down appointments. Or a reminder to clean your guinea pig’s cage each week.

Centralia College just got the newest version of the Canvas Calendar, and I think it’s easier to navigate (and prettier!). Canvas did up a guide explaining how this Calendar is different from the old one, so rather than rewrite the entire thing, I’ll just link it here: Old Calendar/New Calendar.

I think my new favorite thing is the Week View. Previously, you could only view by month. Now, when you click on the Week/Month links at the top of the page, you can switch back and forth. The Week View is perfect for seeing what a specific day looks like by the hour.

I love it! But don’t take my word for it — try it out for yourself! And keep your eyes on this blog for upcoming posts about using events in the Calendar and the new fancy feature from Instructure that makes teaching multiple sections of a course way easier!

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