Muting Assignments

Canvas is known for its open communication. It loves communicating. Maybe it loves communicating too much? When you do something with Canvas, it almost gets too excited and sends out a notification right away — really, it just wants to show off all of your hard work. But sometimes it jumps the gun and sends out notifications a little early…

We got some feedback that instructors were finding it inconvenient that SpeedGrader sends out notifications even when an assignment has been partially graded. A notification goes out as soon as you move on to the next student in SpeedGrader or press the save button. Muting an assignment can fix that.

Within the labyrinth of Canvas Help Guides, there is a step-by-step set of instructions explaining how to mute assignments: Click here to see the guide.

Muting an Assignment tells Canvas to keep everything on the down-low until you’re ready. By muting an assignment, grades don’t show up in the gradebook for students, and they also don’t receive a notification that their assignment has been graded. Once you finish grading the assignments for the entire class, you can Unmute the assignment and voila! — your students can see their grades, comments, and notifications regarding the assignment.

Muting an assignment does so for the entire class; you cannot mute an assignment for a specific student. And once you mute the assignment, it’s important that you remember to unmute it when you’re done grading; if you don’t, you’ll probably be a flurry of emails from students panicking about their grades taking so long to get to them.

This is a great tool and I highly recommend using it if you have any troubles with partial grades making their way to your students. And, as always, feel free to contact Alexis over in eLearning if you have any further questions!

eLearning @ Centralia CollegeKirk Library
360.736.9391 ext. 374


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