Where Am I? — Course “Short Names”

Canvas has a couple different names for each course within the system. There is the Course Name, which is usually very long and includes every identifying piece of information that could be found in regards to that course. There is also something called the “short name” and it’s a handy little tool that can help you keep your classes straight in your head.

When you go into a course, you should see something like this in the upper left corner of the screen:


That is the course “short name”. It’s the nitty-gritty name of the course. That could be confusing if you are teaching three sections of the same course. Certain parts of Canvas make it hard to figure out which section or course you’re in (example: Gradebook). Well, now you can change the short name of your course so that you can always know what’s what inside of Canvas.

The eLearning admins (Alexis & Kathy) have the magic ability to go in and change these short names. If you have classes that you’d like to have changed to a more specific short name (like the course in the image below), please send us an email with the course name and item number (4 digits), along with what you’d like to have the short name changed to. Remember, students see these, so try to make it something that is easily understand by you and your students.


Hopefully this will help you manage your courses in an effective way. If you have any problems, be sure to ask eLearning for some help — that’s what we’re here for!

Kirk Library
360.736.9391 ext.374


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