Filtering your Conversations in Canvas

Does your inbox in Canvas tend to overflow? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by everything that ends up in there? Are you lost, even when looking at your own things? Do you click into your inbox and immediately want to click back out of it?


Photo by hatwoman on Flickr

I get it. I really do. I keep things color-coded and foldered in my personal email account because I have a need for an organizational system that works for me. I enjoy the simplicity of the inbox in Canvas (everything in one place! back-and-forth conversations all kept together!), but I know that if I had a class of students to keep track of (or four classes of students to keep track of…), I would be overwhelmed.

As it stands, there aren’t many ways you can customize the inbox. In fact, once you’re in there, the only real organizational tool is the Filter search bar up at the top. This is an easy way to look at emails from a specific course; you just start typing in the name of the course and select it from the menu that appears. This is the quick-n-dirty way of sorting all of that information in your inbox until a better system is in place.

inbox filter

I wish there were better ways to organize your inbox, and as soon as I hear anything about an update in this area, I’ll be sure to post about it. Until then, I recommend hopping over to the Canvas Help Forums and showing your support for new feature requests. Your voice matters in these issues, so definitely take a look. I recommend searching for your topic first (and showing your support on an existing thread), and if you can’t find it, then create a new topic to request a new feature. Things are always changing over at Canvas, so the sooner you suggest something, the sooner it can get added. Tip: search for general terms, like “filter emails” or “color coding emails” for best results.


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