Student View for Assignment Annotations

Many instructors use the annotation tool within SpeedGrader to leave comments directly on student papers that have been submitted for grading. The student view for these annotations is hard to track down, so we decided to write about the simple steps you can take to view the annotated papers (instructors: if you’re dying to try this out, make sure you’re going in through your “student view”). Ready? Let’s do this thing.

From within the specific course, click on the “Assignments” tab on the left side of the screen. This will bring up all of the assignments for that course.

 blog 001

 Click on the assignment name of the assignment you wish to view.

On the right side of the screen, you should see this:

 blog 002

Click on the “Submission Details” link, which will take you to a screen that looks like this:

 blog 003

Where the red arrows are pointing (after the clickable file name of the document submitted for grading), there is a little icon with a magnifying glass. Click this to bring up the “preview” of the annotated assignment. From here, students can reply to in-text comments left by the professor, but cannot underline/strike through/leave new comments on things (as far as I can tell).

Note: You can also download the annotated version of the paper as a PDF, but any comments made within this downloaded version of the assignment will not be added to the document being hosted within the course assignments (meaning, if the student wants to comment back to the instructor, they must do so in the preview version within Canvas). We recommend viewing the paper and annotations inside of Canvas — so nothing gets left out.

Instructors, please feel free to pass this along to your students! This is a great tool that is built into Canvas and we want everyone to use it as much as possible!


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